Parish Administration

Screening Committee

Screening is required by the diocese of Hamilton for all active ministries. The diocese is responsible for the training and updating of members of this committee.

Why Must We Screen?

• to create and maintain a safe environment for children and other vulnerable persons
• to provide support and safeguards to our volunteers and our church
• any organization that provides programs to vulnerable people has a moral, legal and spiritual obligation to appropriately screen those who work for them, including volunteers.
• screening is legally required under the principle of ‘Duty of Care’

Who Must Be Screened?

All volunteers, both existing and new are to be screened. The screening requirements and procedures may vary from one ministry to another, depending on the level of risk. Please see the Volunteer Screening Manual for details.

It is important to remember that it is the nature of the ministry and the inherent level of risk which dictates the need for screening and not the character of the volunteer.

Leadership for this committee is appointed by the pastoral team.

Contact Person: Rena Fowler 905-634-0248.

Volunteer Screening Manual