Sacramental Preparation


My child is approaching the end of primary school. What do I do to have her/him confirmed?

As our children approach the teen years, they are becoming more aware of the choices they must make for themselves. With our input, our children have learned the values of life and hopefully, Christian life. We have them baptised as babies, but now it is their turn to choose to follow Jesus for themselves. Part of this experience is coming to know and accept that Mom and Dad are not as perfect as they thought they were when they were younger. Mom and Dad donít always have all the solutions to lifeís difficulties and so it makes sense that parents encourage the children to turn to God in times of need. They must also learn to become active (rather than passive) participants in their faith journey and in contributing to the Church and to society at large.

What kind of formation will my child require?

Formation from the Parent/s

This faith journey requires the support, first of the parents who are the primary teachers of the Christian faith for their children. Besides the parents, teachers, catechists and the school play an important part in this maturation process. Of course, the children grow in their experience of God by participating in prayer and worship in the parish community. If you have not taken your responsibility to bring your children to Sunday mass, this would be an ideal opportunity to do so. Our children, no matter how old they are, still look to us for an example to live their lives in the footsteps of Jesus.

If a teen does not attend Sunday Mass then this may be an indication that he/she is not ready to make the commitment that the Sacrament of Confirmation calls for in the Roman Catholic Church. We encourage you to assist your child in attending and participating in the Sunday Eucharist and other Church celebrations.

In adolescence, your child will begin to push the envelope of freedom and independence. This is a natural and good process of individuation. While respecting this natural process, you want to provide that safe, holy environment in which they can discover the realities of adulthood. It would not be wise to allow your child to make his/her own rules, including those of faith practices. Rather, within the boundaries of Christian lifestyle, your child will profit by your wisdom and the wisdom of the Church.

Formation while attending School

My child attends a Roman Catholic school . . .

The school faith program is set-up during grade seven to prepare your child for this special sacrament. Along with course content, your child will be expected to attend a retreat geared towards confirmation. He/she will also engage in social concern activities and learn about responsibility within the Christian community.

My child attends a public school or is home-schooled . . .

To complement the formation you offer at home, your child must also receive two years of formation. There is a correspondence course available. To be confirmed the child must have completed:

Programme 4 - Commandments

Programme 5 - Sacraments

Confirmation programme -Christ our Life Ė Confirmed in the Spirit

The programs listed above are offered through the diocese and parishes and taught by the parents to their child.  To register contact Christina Mines, Diocese of Hamilton Catechesis Office at 905-528-7988 ext. 2239 or visit the Hamilton Diocese Catechesis Office website for more information, printable registration forms and to register online.


Along with course content, your child will be expected to attend a retreat geared towards confirmation. Your candidate can choose between a retreat in the church at 7pm on Monday, April 29, or Tuesday, April 30, 2024.

How does the process work?

Applications to be considered for Confirmation

Applications for young persons wishing to be confirmed will emailed from our Catholic schools or for those in Public schools from the parish office.  The deadline for registration for 2024 has now passed. Late submissions will be considered for the following yearís Confirmation program.  

Parent meeting

This meeting is held in the Church. Itís purpose is to refresh the parents understanding of confirmation, our expectations and is an invitation to deeper commitment in support of their children.

Enrolment Sunday

At this stage, the applicants are asked to formally enrol themselves in the preparation for Confirmation. The candidate and their family can attend one weekend mass on either Saturday, February 3, 2024, at 5pm or Sunday, February 4, 2024 at 9am or 11am.

One on One Interviews

Your child will meet with one of the pastoral team. These interviews provide an individual encounter where the pastoral team member can assess the preparedness of your child to receive this sacrament. It will also provide an environment where the young person can express any concerns, ask any questions and confirm their own desire to be closer to God and be of service to neighbour.

Picking a Sponsor

The sponsor must be an active Roman Catholic, at least 16 years old, having received first communion and confirmation and in good standing with the Church. That person should model a good Christian lifestyle for the one to be confirmed. Parents cannot be sponsors. Although some will expect it, relatives are not necessarily the best sponsors if they do not fulfil the criteria. Please let us know if you find difficult to choose a sponsor; perhaps we can help you. Further requirements will be supplied to the applicant during their formation.

The celebration of Confirmation

The Confirmation Celebrations will be on Saturday, May 4, 2024. The St. Raphael School Confirmation Celebration will be at 10:00am and the St. Paul School Celebration will be at 1:00pm. Candidates in the Catechetical Correspondence Course will choose one of these two celebrations to join.

Contact Person:  Father Emmanuel.