Sacramental Preparation


We’d like to get married at St. Raphael’s.


St. Raphael’s is the patron saint of those seeking a good spouse. Of course, getting married is just the beginning of the lifelong commitment of marriage. We’d like to think that preparing for your wedding with our parish friars will provide a good foundation to begin your marriage. And the intercession of St. Raphael the Archangel will surely assist you.

What do we do first?

Those wishing to marry at St. Raphael’s should contact us about one year in advance. Dates will be tentatively booked. Ensuing meetings with a friar will confirm your date with the proviso that all the documents are in order and we have established the couple’s freedom to marry.

What will we need?

It’s helpful to bring your baptismal certificates. Catholics must supply one which was acquired within six months so that it shows all the up-to-date status in the sacraments. Non-Catholics may provide an original document which we will photocopy.

• If both parties are Catholic, the wedding banns will be sufficient to civilly legitimize the marriage.
• If you are a mixed couple, ie) Catholic and Non-Catholic, the Catholic will require permission from the diocese to be married. The couple will also require a license from city hall.
• If either was married within the Church before, she/he must have an annulment from the first marriage before we can proceed with the preparations. Once freedom to marry is established, the couple will need a license to marry from city hall.

What about a marriage course?

The diocese requires that all couples take a Catholic marriage course before being married. There are a few parishes locally who provide such services at a nominal fee. We’ll be glad to tell you about them. We also review with you the basic spiritual elements of marriage, as you prepare to commit yourselves to each other within the Christian community.

Can we choose the readings?

The friars will be happy to review the wedding liturgy with you to choose appropriate reading and hymns/music for your wedding. We’ll help you to include family and friends in the ceremony to make it a real community experience.

Are there any restrictions?

Some couples are not aware that the marriage ceremony must be in a Catholic Church. Some rare exceptions are made for mixed religion couples, where a “neutral” Chapel can be used. Roman Catholic weddings are never performed outdoors.

Anything else?

Since it is your desire to be wed before God and the believing community, you would be wise to begin praying together. This will help seal your covenant of love you are about to embark upon. God wants to show his face through you as a couple. Become familiar with God as a couple in committed regular prayers.

Contact Person:  call the parish office at (905) 637-2346.